Nothing Ambitious is Easy: What I learned from writing #100CareerTips

I give a lot of advice to people in my professional life. I am part of a broad network of mentors via Blue Collar Post Collective, who keep our social media channels open to anyone seeking advice. In my day-job, I am in a leadership position. It is my duty to arm staff with everything they need to be their best, which includes confidence, direction and someone to help them find their way through difficult situations. My articles for Mixing Light are about how to navigate complex professional situations, from cold-calling to networking online

In May 2018 a few of my fellow mentors and I were not only sharing a lot with a lot of people, but also experiencing the frustration of people being afraid to approach us, or other people they look up to.

I also noticed that through sheer volume, patterns were emerging. There were a large number of pieces of advice I found myself giving people universally, frequently, and consistently. Without much thought I figured there were probably as many as fifty of these, and that maybe rather than dishing them out to one person at a time, I’d find a way to broadcast them to everyone, anyone- all at once.

first tweets

That first one, that’s the one I give out the most. I say it to every group of students and interns I meet. I say it to high-school kids, and even emerging professionals who wish to meet their idols.  

I figured that if I had that many superb nuggets of consistent and valuable advice right on the tip of my tongue, I might as well be a little bit ambitious about it and set myself a challenge to really think about all of the little bits of advice worth giving and that I could probably, without too much difficulty, get to one hundred.

So the next day, I committed. I made it my hashtag.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 9.56.34 AM

By day 3 I had already mixed up my days and lost track. I realized I’d need to plan ahead and be organized if I was going to make it to one hundred without missing a day, repeating myself, or messing up again. So I got to work, with a document. I made a table with 100 rows and started filling each box with all of the great pieces of advice I wish every person could hear.

Within a short time, I realized something profound.


I know about half as much as I think I do


Thinking I could sit down and list the first fifty right away, I got to 20 and realized I was out of my depth. If I hadn’t already made the ambitious public commitment to tweet one hundred career tips, I would have given up immediately and kept it simple.

Publicly committing helped me persevere when I realized I was out of my depth, and find solutions.

Admitting I didn’t have all the wisdom in the world (duh), was humbling, and a good reminder to listen to my own advice. I reached out to my network of mentors, and asked them to contribute some of their greatest career tips. Some were the same as my own, but most came from each person’s individual expertise and experience. There was immense value in that to the collection I hoped to write. Some of them additionally inspired me to remember other things which had helped my own career success, so soon I was halfway to my goal. That’s why for Day 50, I tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.03.05 AM

I also decided to slow down, to tackle the challenge in smaller chunks, a week at a time. It’s much easier to think of five and crowdsource two ideas each week, than try to come up with a hundred in one day. I spread my ideas out across the whole document, to avoid being too top-heavy and losing steam at the end.


Nothing truly ambitious is easy


Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 1.16.55 PM

My original goal was to share one hundred universal, consistent and incredibly valuable pieces of wisdom. I started to find that by about three-quarters of the way through, the diversity of input, and of the interactions that were inspiring new ideas, were making some of the advice I was tweeting either negate a previous one, or have followers tell me they disagree.

This one, for example, I added to the list no less than a half hour after using it to cautiously reassure someone in the context of privilege. It was derided by a follower as not being up to standard. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 1.24.59 PM


There are a few great pieces of advice I chose to omit because I knew they were too context-specific or applicable to a subset of people. Even with that awareness, I found that several of the tips I shared didn’t really hit the mark without the story behind them.


A lot of the deepest bits of wisdom can’t be distilled into the brevity of a tweet.

Many require a little more explaining, or context. Generally speaking, we advise people based on our own lived experiences, past mistakes and successes. Without telling the story, to the right person, at the right time, with the right needs– a lot can get lost and come across ambiguous at best, completely misread at worst.


Contradictions are everywhere


As I reached the end of my three-month challenge, I started to reflect on the list and go back through the tweets and responses. Reading through, I saw a lot of contradictions. Day 62 and 97. Day 35 and 38.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 5.13.05 PMScreen Shot 2018-09-04 at 5.12.33 PM

At first I struggled with this. I wondered how I could be confident I was giving good advice. If I zoomed out like this and laid out all the advice, and saw so many inconsistencies, contradictions and grey-areas, did I need to reconsider what I was thinking?

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 11.09.28 AM

I realized that the diversity of advice I give reflects the spectrum of people and situations for which I offer that advice. I was also reminded of my own journey. Even now I seek the wisdom of my mentors, and I take advice from a wide range of people to find the path that’s right for me.


Tweeting #100CareerTips – one each day, every day for 100 days, is an achievement I’m proud to have done.Within the just over 14 weeks, other people were inspired to share their own advice. Many conversations and threads were started. I hope the hashtag lives on.

Below is the full list of #100CareerTips:


Day 1: People in this industry working behind the scenes are more willing to mentor and share than you might expect. Never be afraid to reach out to someone you admire, just be respectful and do your homework #postproduction #CareerTips #advice #postchat
Day 2: #filmmaking is a team sport. You don’t have to be a people-person to be a team player, you just have to be compassionate and considerate of your role within the larger team and your impact on others #Careeradvice  #postproduction #100CareerTips
Day 3: Day 3: don’t tie yourself to any one technology. If you do, it will become obsolete one day and so will you. #100CareerTips #CareerAdvice #postproduction
Day 4: Day 4: assess every opportunity by three measures: money, career advancement, happiness. You rarely get all three but aim for no less than two #100CareerTips #CareerAdvice #postproduction
Day 5: Be aware of and acknowledge how you are perceived by others in professional spaces. Whether or not someone’s perception of you is correct or fair, it is their reality. #100CareerTips
To elaborate: often when I tell someone about how they are perceived, they say “but that’s wrong! They are wrong about me! If only they saw…” the reality is unfortunately irrelevant. Their perception is their reality.
That can suck, but knowing, acknowledging and seriously considering that is a huge step toward seeing not how you ARE but how you are SEEN. Then you can make informed and smart changes that alter these perceptions
Don’t change your self, just make changes to help people see you as you see your self. For example: you are passionate and hard working and enthusiastic. You are seen as pushy and annoying and not very driven. Don’t feel unfairly misinterpreted but instead think about why that interpretation was made and how you can take steps to correct it.
Day 6: There are as many paths to your #CareerGoals as there are people in this industry. There are hundreds of roles in the world of #postproduction that you will never stop discovering. Keep your mind open to uncovering new paths, goals and passions #100CareerTips
Day 7: My favorite resource has been discontinued but old versions are still incredibly useful. It is an encyclopedia of all things #postproduction and demystifies all the terminology find it here and #100CareerTips
Fun fact: I used to take note of all the tech terms I’d overheard during my workday that I didn’t understand. I kept a copy of the DFB in my bag and would look them all up on the bus ride home. People now wonder how I know so much of this stuff… secret is out!
Day 8: Resumé rules are different in the #MediaIndustry. Avoid too many formalities. Keep it simple, and relevant to the job you are seeking. Include applicable skills beyond tech, like customer relations, language skills and leadership. #100CareerTips #postproduction
Day 9: If your resumé feels a bit light, don’t worry! Transferable skills matter in #postproduction. Team work, organization, creativity, problem-solving and other things that make you a valuable candidate can be gained from anywhere. #100CareerTips
Day 10: Understanding other production roles makes you much better at your job. It’s essential to keep in mind those before and after you in the production chain, their needs and their challenges. #100CareerTips #postproduction
Day 11: Early in my career I used to stay after work, copy other peoples’ projects and study their day’s work. Anything cool I’d try to re-create. #100CareerTips #postproduction
Day 12: Get smart! Know your rights and responsibilities, read your contract and check the law. Don’t hesitate to question when something isn’t right in terms of your legal rights and entitlements. #100CareerTips #postproduction
this is especially important for #interns as more than 60% of #postproduction #internships are illegal in the US. It’s hard at the start of your #career to fight for anything but you’d be surprised what you can gain by respectfully asking.
Showing you’re savvy and smart and commanding of some respect can get you some.
Day 13: Don’t be a dick. No, seriously. This industry is too small, and we all have to work together. A reputation for being an ass is the worst possible thing you can carry around and the hardest to shake #100CareerTips #postproduction
This piece of advice is one I give because I know, from experience, how much of a burden a bad reputation can be (thread) 1/
2/ When I was just starting out, I was ambitious and talented. I worked really hard to get noticed, and pushed through every barrier I faced.
3/ I had grown up with adversity, and am a born fighter. I fought hard for my place in the industry. I saw myself as *just as good* as anyone else, despite my youth and lack of experience.
4/ I was like any other teenager, ready to take on the world and disrupt the system. What I didn’t realize was that I was being a pain in the ass. I couldn’t just shut up and do my job. I had the best of intentions, but couldn’t see the harm I was doing.
5/ until one day, I moved cities and was shortlisted for a job. The hiring manager told me I was perfect for the role, except for one thing… she’d heard I was “difficult to work with”.

The was one of the most influential moments of my life.
6/ I was devastated. A bad rep had followed me across the country, and come back to me. I didn’t follow up, I didn’t want the job.

I had been pursuing a career in the Camera Dept at that point. I decided to start over, this was 5 years into my career.
7/ I took an internship in post production. I started my career over. I had to shake that reputation, undo the damage. I had to learn and un-learn. I had to build new relationships, and do it right.

The good news is I found more talent in post than I knew I had.
8/ and it was the start of a career that took me to the top tiers of the industry, eventually. But the shock and shame of that day never left me. Relationships are everything.

Years later I saw that hiring manager again, and told her how she had changed my life that day.
9/ but I try to guide young people with great talent and confidence, with compassion and a gentle hand toward not making the mistakes I did, and being more humble. That reputation followed me for a decade.

Don’t be a dick.
Bonus #wisdom for today from @ZackArnoldACE “Want to stand out in #Hollywood ? Be kind to everyone. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb…in all the right ways.”

Another way to say “don’t be a dick” more politely! #100CareerTips #Mentorship #postchat
Day 14: If you always focus on your insecurities and shortcomings, so will everyone else. Don’t let them define you. Wise words from @Dr0id #100CareerTips
Bonus for today: @ZackArnoldACE  backs up Mr @Dr0id on his #wisdom

“Think about the way you perceive yourself and the words you use to describe yourself. Would you allow others to speak that way about you?” #100CareerTips

Day 15: Interns: Seek out a gap where something needs doing and fill it. Make yourself indispensable to the company by carving out a job for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything impressive, showing that initiative will make you really stand out. #100CareerTips #postproduction
Day 16: People just one rung above you on the career ladder can make the best mentors. #100CareerTips
Day 17: The ABC of career success: Always Be Curious. #100CareerTips
Day 18: Be vocal about the #career you want and where you want to go. People aren’t mindreaders and you’ll miss opportunities if those around you don’t know your aspirations. Great tip from the wise and wonderful @MaryEditing #100CareerTips
Day 19: When you’ve f*kd up, tell your supervisor what happened and how it’s being fixed in the same breath. #100CareerTips
Day 20: People don’t just hire you because you’re “qualified” or because you have “the right skills.” People will hire you because they trust you and they are comfortable around you. Focus on mastering these and you’ll be hirable for life in any field. Today’s wisdom from the guru @ZackArnoldACE #100CareerTips #postproduction
Day 21: Don’t be sucked in to paying a lot of money for networking, mentorship or career advancement. These things are freely available and generously given by the best people anyway. #100CareerTips
There are a lot of programs taking advantage in this space- especially targeting #women and underrepresented minorities. The best supporters actually care about *you first. Rewards like money and accolades for doing it are not a priority.
Avoid performative supporters. Anyone who genuinely cares about your professional development will generously and freely offer honest, genuine and personal advice.         And as I said on day 1: most people are willing to help!
Day 22: Staying ahead of technology is crucial in today’s world. Check out @BBCRD @medialab @NHK and @FraunhoferIIS #100CareerTips
Day 23: Never say “no” right away, to anything. Be honest, but keeping your options open helps create new networks, raise your confidence, and helps you keep check of the job market and your professional value #100CareerTips
Day 24: Don’t worry too much about being the best, people value clear communication, responsiveness, and interest almost as much as brilliance. Wise advice from @didyoumeanjanis #100CareerTips
Day 25: The post-mortem: I have explained it here in an article for @MixingLight
Day 26: Constantly aiming for absolute perfection in your work can hold you back and slow you down. Sometimes, it’s okay to just be okay. #100CareerTips
Day 27: NEVER FLAKE. It’s better to cancel, to admit failure, ask for help or bow out gracefully. If you say you’re going to do something, either do it or hand it over. #100CareerTips just ask @J_salvo
Day 28: If someone you admire offers advice, mentorship, or their contact details inviting you to reach out, they mean it. Take them up on it. I’m always shocked and a little disappointed that only about 20% of people ever do. #100CareerTips
Day 29: Don’t get in the habit of shooting down a client’s notes too readily, even if their ideas seem lame. The fact that they’re telling you something is wrong is important; maybe you can find a better solution, but the fact that they have a problem in the first place is what’s significant. Essential advice from @hurkman #100CareerTips
Day 30: Be careful what you say in public spaces. You never know who is around. Avoid bitching about clients or talking details about jobs, because that sh*t backfires more than you know #100CareerTips
Day 31: Treat every client like a VIP. You never know who they are, who they know, or who they will become one day #100CareerTips
Day 32: Today’s wisdom from @ZackArnoldACE – Better opportunities in life don’t lead to you having a better attitude. Choosing to have a better attitude will lead to better opportunities. #100CareerTips
Day 33: There’s no glory in being weak. Stay strong and at your best by prioritizing your health and wellbeing wherever you can. It’s also better to stay home with a bug than take down the entire production. Get over it, don’t be a martyr #100CareerTips
Bonus for today from @ZackArnoldACE – Stop wearing your “Sleep deprivation badge of honor” as a point of pride. You’re not just hurting yourself, you’re hurting your ability to be creative. And you’re also hurting all the people you work with by setting a bad example and performing below your best #100CareerTips
Day 34: If someone needs advice, a connection or a gig, give them a hand. Someone gave you one. Doesn’t matter if they’ve “earned” it. Wise words from the Master @Dr0id #100CareerTips
Day 35: Seize every opportunity, no matter how small. Every step forward is a step toward your #CareerGoals and professional development #100CareerTips
Day 36: Giving back by volunteering, mentoring or teaching someone else can bring inspiration and a new spark to your own career. Hit up @ReelWorks @BCPCollective or your local film school for opportunities #100CareerTips
Day 37: In an interview, ask about the company culture. Ask the interviewer what they like about working there, and why the person you’d be replacing left or how long they held the job. #100CareerTips
Day 38: Sometimes saying “no” is saying “yes” to something better. Don’t feel like you have to say yes to every opportunity – seek those out that shape the career you dream of. Wise advice from @didyoumeanjanis #100CareerTips
Day 39: Be open to tasks that are beneath you. What have you got to lose? You still get paid, you gain exposure to different parts of the team, and you might get to dust off some old skills. Most importantly, it shows you’re a team player and a good person #100CareerTips
Day 40: I buy lunch for an intern at least once a month. It gives me a chance to get to know them better, they get to know me and hopefully learn something, and of course every intern appreciates a good free lunch! It’s a nice easy way to support emerging talent  #100CareerTips
Day 41: “Learn to tell people when you’re not happy with something, but don’t forget to tell people when you ARE happy with something. It’s easy to forget, but both are important.” @hurkman #100CareerTips
Day 42: If your job has you primarily using a specific tool or software, make an effort to learn the alternative toolsets too. Not only does it make you consider efficiency and workflow, but it keeps you agile and knowledgeable. #100CareerTips
Day 43: If someone asks for your opinion, give it honestly and respectfully. Don’t just agree to please someone. Be prepared to defend your opinion with confidence. Diverse perspectives and conflict are all part of the creative team process. Wise words from @monisala #100CareerTips
Day 44: If you commit to a project, give it 110%. It doesn’t matter if the production deserves it. Your reputation does. Wise words from the legend @Dr0id #100CareerTips
The audience doesn’t see that the Post Sup was a bully, the Director was high and out of control, or the Producers gambled away the finishing funds in New Orleans. They see my work with my name in the credits. So I always do my best work. No matter what.
Day 45: Network online. You don’t have to physically be at events and conferences to make a good impression on your peers. Be a positive contributor to industry communities on social media like @BCPCollective @postchat @LiftForums and @CreativeCOW #100CareerTips
Bonus from @hurkman “Make time to keep in touch with people you meet in our industry. Time is scarce and the year gets away from you, but reminding people you exist and are still doing whatever it is you do when you don’t need work, is crucial for when you do.” #100CareerTips
Day 46: Revise your #CareerGoals and take on new challenges regularly #100CareerTips
Day 47: Don’t be scared to ask questions, for example about how someone did something. It shows you are confident and willing to learn, progress and understand. Fear of looking/sounding stupid only stops you from becoming better. Wise words from @KellyJBLacroix #100CareerTips
Day 48: Everyone makes mistakes. They key is to recover gracefully, be humble and learn from them. #100CareerTips
Day 49: There’s no more difficult skill to master when scheduling yourself, in sessions, and when getting notes, than learning to say no. Except for learning when NOT to say no. There’s a fine line between being obstinate and being a pushover for terrible ideas, and it’s never clear. #wisdom from @hurkman #100CareerTips
Day 50: For most of my #career, I thought I had all the answers. I was half right.

Now I know I have half the answers, and the rest comes from surrounding myself with the wisdom of diverse voices and minds. #100CareerTips
Day 51: People will always try to bring you down, especially if you are ambitious. As Frank Sinatra once said, “The best revenge is massive success”. Take all that negativity and use it as motivation to prove them all wrong #100CareerTips #hatersgonnahate
Day 52: Discussion with Ella Soryl, @chelseatayedits and @HDnoah about job interviews, all had some form of the same final parting question for employer along the lines of directly asking if they have any concerns or hesitations about hiring. Confidence and eagerness to get feedback shows and they are able to counter any hesitation immediately. #100CareerTips
Day 53: Don’t be afraid to publish a paper, apply for an opportunity, speak on a panel, or nominate yourself for an award. Celebrate your strengths and share your knowledge. Be brave, get yourself noticed #100CareerTips
Day 54: If you constantly feel “busy” and overwhelmed, take a look at how you spend your attention each day. Perhaps it’s time to stop prioritizing your time and start prioritizing your focus.
Stop trying to find the perfect work-life “balance.” Instead focus on living with work-life “presence.” wisdom from @ZackArnoldACE #100CareerTips
Day 55: I’m most efficient when I’m left alone to work. So I focus on communicating to clients in a way that makes them relax, trust me, and feel like they can just wander off and let me work my magic of their own accord. As quickly as possible.
My natural inclination to be antisocial can be a huge asset to my efficiency! #100CareerTips
Day 56: @hurkman says “The single best way I’ve found of getting more work in our industry is word of mouth from people you’ve worked with. Every day of your current gig is a job interview for your next one.” Epic wisdom #100CareerTips
Day 57: Always be on time. #100CareerTips
Day 58: Success is 40% being good and 60% being someone people want to work with. If you’re a pain, you’d better be damn good. (Don’t be a pain) Wise words from @Dr0id #100CareerTips
Day 59: Get a hobby. This industry can suck you dry, you have to be able to get away sometimes. No matter how obsessed you are with your job, you’ll be better at it if you take time out to do something completely different #100CareerTips
Day 60: @matt35mm says: “Go to lunch/coffee/drinks with people! I’d credit at least 50% of my career momentum with this. It’s been at least as important as the actual editing skills that I’ve worked on.” #100CareerTips #postchat
Day 61: The single most important piece of tech for any future post production professional to learn today? Whatever aspect of gaming tech is relevant to your discipline. Whatever we are making in the near future, it’s likely to be using the computer power of a gaming engine like #Unreal or #Unity
#100CareerTips #postchat
Day 62: @taocolorist says
If you don’t set specific, written goals for your career – in 10 years you’ll have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing. So set that goal. Update it often; tweak it, radically alter it. But always have it set. #100CareerTips @mixinglight
Day 63: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” -Henry Ford. #100CareerTips
Day 64: You might have to climb down a ladder and start at the bottom of another to work on something you love. Be humble and focus on your end goal. Wisdom from the venerable Mr @Dr0id #100CareerTips
Day 65: Set boundaries and stand by them wherever you can. Your self-worth is something you must protect, don’t let anyone take it from you. There’s pride in saying “no” to something that will rob you of your strength or dignity. #100CareerTips
Day 66: “If you don’t have a target, you’ll miss it every time.” – Zig Zigler #100CareerTips
Day 67: @hurkman has a great suggestion “There’s no better cure for hitting the wall in the middle of a task, whether it’s a scene that won’t cut or a grade that won’t match or a composite that won’t work, then taking a walk around the block in the sun. You’ll have an idea for the fix on the way back.” #100CareerTips
Day 68: Technology changes so fast, and much of the work we do today may be obsolete soon. Get good at the uniquely “human” aspects of your job. The things that are your personal touch. Those things will never become obsolete, and only increase in value. #100CareerTips
Day 69: Stay firm in your #goals, flexible in your plans. #100CareerTips
Day 70: Prioritize opportunities that benefit no less than two of these three things: your bank account / your resumé / your soul. #100CareerTips
Day 71: Have a good answer to what you want as the **next** step in your career. It doesn’t have to be your dream job, but something realistic and possible for others to recommend you for. If you’re an #intern then “Production Assistant” is a good answer, “Director of the next @Marvel movie” is not. Today’s advice from @IamPliny telling it like it is. #100CareerTips
Day 72: “Accept the generosity of others. It instills the urge to return the favor when you can and/or pay it forward to others, and it naturally leads to more opportunities to spend more time with that person. (e.g. if someone buys me lunch, I can say I’ll buy them lunch next time, and now one lunch has turned into two lunches!)” great #advice from @matt35mm #100CareerTips #postchat #mentorship
Day 73: Negativity often comes from your co-workers fear and worry. Once you figure out why and where this comes from, you can answer those fears and worries in a more productive and collaborative way.
From @schnittman the eternally wise.
Day 74: Get the f***k out of your comfort zone.
Day 75: Treat your creativity as the most important asset in your career: Protect it, nurture it, and invest in improving it every single day. #Mentorship #wisdom from @ZackArnoldACE for #CreativeIndustries #100CareerTips #postproduction
Day 76: It’s better to ask a silly question than to make a silly mistake. #100CareerTips
Day 77: This one is for Managers: don’t just offer people opportunities to succeed, offer them opportunities to fail, too. Especially underrepresented people in your field. They rarely get a pass to take risks #100CareerTips
Day 78: We generally let a member of our team know when they’ve messed up. But how often do we remember to let them know when they’ve done a great job? Create a culture of open and well-rounded feedback, and it will come back around to benefit you, too. #100CareerTips
Day 79: Build a perfectly-crafted playlist for when you’re client-supervised but not working on audio. It can put the client in a relaxed and positive mood, and fill in awkward silences so you can get on with the job #100CareerTips
I actually have several playlists on standby, because not all genres of music work for all people. That said, there are a few kinds of music that always go down well, and they feature on my main client playlist.
Day 80: You can learn something from anyone. Don’t miss the opportunity. Excellent #career wisdom from @Dr0id #100CareerTips
Day 81: Careers are not ladders. It’s rock climbing. @Itshella_dom said this and it’s something I remind people all the time. #100CareerTips
Day 82: Nothing is impossible, given the right conditions. #100CareerTips
Day 83: @hurkman has a practical piece of advice for #100CareerTips “If you discover you’re talking yourself into a shot being fine, it’s not. In the time you spent convincing yourself there’s not a problem, you could probably just have solved the problem.”
Day 84: Pace yourself. Break things down, and figure out your milestones so you know you’re on track to complete a task in the time allocated. Great time management reduces stress in both you and your clients. #100CareerTips
Day 85: Today’s wisdom courtesy of @ZackArnoldACE – The faster you embrace failure, the faster you will experience success. Fail fast and fail often. And be willing to laugh about it. #100CareerTips
Day 86: 1 in 5 people live with mental illness. In creative industries, the numbers are even higher. Acknowledge your needs, boundaries and support systems to always be at your best. #100CareerTips
Day 87: “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” Sheryl Sandberg #100CareerTips
Day 88: In a job interview, ask them “based on my resume, and upon meeting me, in what ways do you think I will excel in this position?” #badass #100CareerTips #powermove
Day 89: Focus less on investing your time learning specific technologies and instead focus on telling better stories. The technology is secondary and will always change. Nobody can ever take away your ability to tell a good story. Wise words for #filmmakers and #postproduction from @ZackArnoldACE #100CareerTips
Day 90: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” said Opera Singer Beverly Sills. A successful #career is built on a strong foundation. Putting in the work pays off, be patient. #100CareerTips
Day 91: “When you hit that time of day when things start taking twice as long as they usually do, go to bed. It’s probably 1am. You’ll work faster tomorrow morning.” @hurkman #100CareerTips
Day 92: Decisiveness is a skill that can make or break a #postproduction career. Improve this skill by never questioning a decision after its made. Don’t ask “what if”, or keep looking after you’ve purchased something. It will help your confidence in key professional moments #100CareerTips
To clarify, this is a practice to help you be more confident in being decisive. For example, if you buy a car, don’t go online the next day looking at cars for sale to see what you missed.
Decisiveness goes hand in hand with confidence. If you are confident, you’re able to make key decisions when necessary, easily. For many, indecisiveness is little more than self-doubt. And that can seriously get in the way of professional success.
Day 93: Throwback to @ACEditors #EditFestLA2018 ““If it feels wrong, it is wrong.” – Lillian Benson, ACE. Trust your instincts, always. Questioning your gut is nothing more than self-doubt. #100CareerTips #postchat
Day 94: Keep a simple website fresh. It’s a great networking tool, you can offer someone your resume, reel, contact details and a bit of creative personality all in one simple URL. @squarespace is foolproof and cheap #100CareerTips #postchat #NotAnAdvert
Day 95: Gather your squad/coven/gang/pit crew. Find a small group of people you trust, with whom you can share advice & support, give feedback, nominate each other for opportunities and recognition, and back each other up. #BeyondMentorship #100CareerTips #SquadGoals
Day 96: Leadership isn’t something that happens because you’ve been around the longest. Leadership is a specific skill which comes more naturally to some than others. If you want to be a leader, don’t just do your time to “earn” it, but learn it. #100CareerTips
Day 97: It’s okay to not have an end-goal or long-term aspiration sometimes, especially early-career. As long as you know where you want to go next, on your path to figuring it out.
Day 98: For many of us with high-profile gigs on our resumes, the secret has simply been opportunity. Being in the right place, right time, with the right skills. We’re all just human, some of us just live in a place where big projects happen more often.
So remember that when you wonder what makes your idols so great. Everyone started somewhere, some roads just lead to bigger towns than others.
Day 99: If you look back at the past 98 of #100CareerTips you’ll see contradictions, inconsistencies, things that you agree with and things you don’t. There’s no hard set of rules to #success. Take a broad spectrum of advice and do what’s right for you.
Day 100: Nothing truly ambitious is easy.