The Hydrogen One Signals Major Changes at Red: Katie and Pliny weigh in

Red Digital Cinema just announced the Hydrogen One: a $1,600 Holographic Android Phone. We've heard plenty from both fanboys and skeptics, while bloggers ruminate on the technical specs. Katie & Pliny have both been outspoken on RED's influence on the industry, so they decided to put their combined nickel into the discussion.

Why I am wrong and Pliny is right: We’re all asleep over here in the film world.

VR will not be disruptive because it will not replace the current methods of media consumption, and will not bring forth the breakthrough that proves narratives can be told in a non-linear fashion. That’s because the gaming world has already proven that, years ago. It’s been a known truth for gamers and game writers for decades.

Let’s talk about “disruption” in our industry (a.k.a.Why the RED Camera was the greatest disruption of our era)

Disruption is a term that is commonly overused. Very few things truly disrupt, but everyone wants to be seen as “disruptive”. Similarly, not many things are “innovative”, despite it being a buzzword in our industry. It should be noted that “causing disruption” does not make a thing “disruptive”. Being the first to prove a fact untrue and to then usher in a radical change to an entire industry (and its surrounding economy and ecosystem) is the epitome of disruption. Nothing in our lifetimes has done that for the film industry, quite like the RED Camera.